logo During my tenure at the Mobile and Distributed Systems Chair, I played a key role in the setup and maintenance of our technical infrastructure, including workstations, Windows server hypervisors, Linux file servers, and networking. Our approach to managing a diverse ecosystem of operating systems, hardware, and libraries involved extensive use of Ansible for orchestration.

I spearheaded the transition of a significant portion of our services to Kubernetes (K3S), implementing a comprehensive toolchain that included Longhorn, Argo CD, Sealed Secrets, and GitLab. For managing ingress and egress, Traefik served as our automated proxy manager, enabling us to efficiently route traffic within our network and accommodate external users securely through WireGuard.

My experience extended to optimizing machine learning workflows, transitioning from unreliable SLURM-based setups to automated, high-performance workstation runs using Weights & Biases (WandB) for experiment management, leveraging our self-hosted GitLab registry for Docker container orchestration.

This journey enriched my skills in Linux server administration, networking, infrastructure as code, and cloud-native technologies. It fostered a preference for minimalist, microservice-based architectures, and I’ve applied these principles to my personal projects, including self-hosting this website and other services, underscoring my commitment to practical, efficient technology solutions.

More of the tech stack I encountered on my journey is listed here.