1. Gabor, T., Illium, S., Mattausch, A., Belzner, L., and Linnhoff-Popien, C. 2019. Self-Replication in Neural Networks. .

Self-Replication Robustness

This text discusses the fundamental role of self-replication in biological structures and its application to neural networks for developing complex behaviors in computing. It explores different network types for self-replication, highlighting the effectiveness of backpropagation in navigating network weights and fostering the emergence of non-trivial self-replicators. The study further delves into creating an artificial chemistry environment comprising several neural networks, offering a novel approach to understanding and implementing self-replication in computational models. For in-depth insights, refer to the work by [Gabor et al. 2019].

Self-replicators in PCA Space (Soup)