logo During my tenure as a Ph.D. student, I was involved in organizing a bachelor’s lecture titled “Rechnerarchitektur” with approximately 600 students per semester. My responsibilities encompassed managing a team of 10-12 tutors to distribute the workload evenly, designing weekly graded exercise sheets, and overseeing the written examination process. The curriculum introduced students to the fundamental concepts of computer science and architecture, covering a wide range of topics from data representation to the intricacies of machine and assembly language programming, under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Linnhoff-Popien.


  • Representation as bits: (numbers, text, images, audio, video, programs).
  • Storage and Transfer of data, error detection and correction
  • Boolean algebra
  • Processing of data: circuit design, switching networks
  • Number representation and arithmetic
  • Switching functions, switching networks, switching plants
  • Von Neumann model
  • Machine model
  • Machine and assembly language programming
  • Introduction to Quantum Computing